Helpful Hints: Heel Pain

At this time of year, after the summer, I find that many people come in complaining of heel pain. I believe it is often caused by wearing less supportive footwear during the warm months, allowing the Planta Fascia to pull on its insertion to the heel bone. Often, wearing more supportive footwear such as joggers for a period of 2-3 weeks, will resolve the pain by relieving the strain on the Plantar Fascia. If it has not helped, professional advice should be sought. In some cas

Helpful Hints: Cracked Heels

At the end of summer we find many people come in with dry cracked heels. I believe this is often caused by going barefoot or wearing summer footwear such as thongs and sandals that do not cup the heel. By not supporting the heel, the skin can stretch and is more likely to crack, particularly when dry. Wearing footwear that supports the heel and using moisturiser can help to prevent cracking. Using a pumice stone or similar after showering can reduce the depth of the cracks. P

Helpful Hints: Chilblains

With colder weather on the way, we will soon see people coming in with chilblains, often on the ends of the toes. Chilblains are a painful inflammation of small blood vessels in your skin that occur in response to repeated exposure to cold air. Feet have the poorest circulation of the body as they are farthest from the heart. To prevent chilblains, keep feet evenly warm with thick socks and warm footwear rather than placing feet close to a heater. Once chilblains have develop